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Foodable Labs™ offers the most powerful business insights for modern day foodservice brands. Todays consumers are a new breed and Social Insights, powered by Foodable Labs helps you capture and captivate your audience through the most advanced data analytics in the restaurant business. Labs takes you to the next level with video and editorial content development, web and digital design, and more. Let's reinvent the way your brand goes to market.

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About Foodable Labs™

Foodable Labs™ is the first and longest-running consumer index that is focused on foodservice. Now with over 170,000 brands, 300 million global consumers and more than 300,000 industry key terms, Foodable Labs™ reveals the first true predictive data model for foodservice.

Combine these industry insights with video and editorial content for professionals, and you have a new media company built on a consumer demand trend matrix for the next two decades. Want to take it a step further? Add these new insights to storytelling tactics and you have a new vehicle that is identifying competitive pressures, predicting trends, understanding brand success and uncovering emerging brands.

When you take it even a step further and bring in social and digital media targeting — determining where consumers get their content — you will reach a new level of understanding highly-targeted content.

With VenueBeacon™, our patent-pending consumer insights tech product, you can unveil new traffic analyses to further understand your impact on your always-on-digital consumer and have a new return on investment.

Foodable Labs™ is one-part data, one-part content, one-part media targeting and one-part consumer science. It’s the new recipe for restaurant business success.