Restaurant Brand Insights 26-50 Units


Restaurant Brand Insights 26-50 Units


Your Annual Restaurant Brand Digital Index Score  
Each report asses your digital brand index over the past six months of guest conversations across 15 social and digital platforms. Foodable Labs is the most comprehensive consumer social index across a variety of industries and verticals with more than a decade of digital consumer analysis.

Please allow 30 days for your custom Foodable Labs report to be generated. You may be asked a few questions by your brand analyst, so be on the lookout for an email confirmation.

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Custom Market Insights to Fit Your Brand

Data and research is based on overall unit count which impacts the number of guests and data analysis needed for your custom market insights.

What’s included?

Operator Digital Engagement analysis specific to your brand. This analysis looks into how effective your brand is on social media as well as offline media in driving engagement or interaction from operators.

Social Operator Sentiment analysis dives into three key areas of sentiment (Quality, Value, Overall Brand) to arrive at a sentiment score that gives you a better understanding about how operators consider your brand.

Operator Engagement Demographic analysis will breakout the geo-location engagement recorded across open social media interaction via geo-data of operators Who have engaged or mentioned your brand or products. 

Cross Competitive analysis will determine which competitors your guests frequent the most. You can request specific competitor analysis, just mention this to your brand analyst.

Guest Menu & Value Perception analysis evaluates operator perception to your top product offerings as well as the value perception score that looks at a variety of elements to understand if operators are making decisions to choose your brand based on price, value or other intangibles.

Annual Top 25 Restaurant Brands Digital Index Report by sector (QSR, Fast Casual, Casual, Healthy Halo, Fine Dine) in comparison to your Digital Index Score.

Annual Top 50 Supplier Sentiment Report in comparison to your Digital Index Score.