Custom Research For Your Business

Custom Research

How can your brand move in the right direction without the right game plan? If you're looking for the road to success, research is the roadmap. Foodable Labs™ is the largest index of global restaurant data, analyzing brands and brand performance, as well as the consumer engagement behavior of foodservice professionals and food enthusiasts. This is not simply business intelligence – this is about business trends, insights, and future strategies.

The data is broken down into five key areas for a comprehensive view on your brand: 

  • Sentiment allows for predictive sales analytics by measuring consumer sentiment on your products or services.

  • Engagement, an in-depth look on your social audience, allows for effective audience growth, reach, and messaging.

  • Influence, an analysis on your brand's general and hyper-user, allows your brand to target the influencers in your audience.

  • Social Restaurant Visits, a measure of location-to-consumer behavior, provides insight on your brand's Social ROI.

  • Mobile Engagement analyzes consumer-brand interaction, important as mobile now tops desktop usage in the digital landscape and continues to grow.

Examples of valuable research include:

  • Insights on restaurant operator behavior, based on consumer decision-making for suppliers.

  • Business intelligence, consumer interest areas, and competitor analysis for restaurant operators.

  • Product or service sentiment or trend analyses in various food segments for vendors developing new products or startups developing concepts. 

...And more!

Custom research sets your brand apart. Not only in the future decision-making of each brand, but also when connecting with foodservice professionals and enthusiasts. The data provided can be retold into storytelling media, such as an industry report, editorial piece, documentary, web series, and other forms of content.