MediaMatch™ is our hyper targeting content delivery service that was developed to connect social and digital media campaigns with active consumers or operators that are measured by Foodable Labs based on information from geographic, demographic, title and interest areas.  

Many people recognize "programmatic" as a bad word in advertising and we agree! Foodable takes an entirely new approach to “targeted distribution,” which uses many of the principles of programmatic, but with an approach that is more targeted to fit each partner's needs.

  • Target over 7MM Foodservice Professionals
  • Target over 25MM Food Enthusiasts
  • Over 500 whitelisted publishers
  • Link back to editorial and video features from your ads
  • Demographic and Geographic Targeting
  • Cross-Competitive Targeting
  • Behavior & Interest Targeting
  • Keyword/Phrase Targeting
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Location Visit Analytics
  • LTO Conversion Analytics
Target Audience

Custom Audience Targeting

Cross-Platform indexing is the core of the technology used to identify the consumer that is more likely to visit a foodservice location based on cross-platform behavior. Now indexing 23 platforms.

All Platforms

All Digital Platforms

All digital platforms (Search, Display, Social, Video and Print) connect with MediaMatch™ through our TracePixel™ tracking technology to identify logged in Facebook users that are then matched to in-restaurant engagement to prove media ROI.