Social behavior no longer needs a check-in.


Every visit to your restaurant tells a story, one that can isolate frequency or the competitive landscape. VenueBeacon™ is a passive device and requires no app installation, instead we use our patent pending technology to match up the location digital engagement once the user posts on any social platform.


Over 70% of smartphones today maintain an active bluetooth connection for cars, audio, smartwatches, and many household devices.

This enables VenueBeacon™ to work seamlessly to measure and analyze geo data driven consumer behavior.


No App Required

With VenueBeacon's proprietary technology,  once any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device is in range — from 3 to 30 meters — our patent-pending MetaCrumb goes into action, providing us an automatic connection to the consumer. What you get is a variety of data points delivered to your brand or business. Sentiment, Loyalty, Frequency, Competitive and Demographic data are now at your fingertips for over 70 percent of your guests.

Restaurant Social Visits

Social Restaurant Visits (SRVs)

The social restaurant visit is the ultimate return on investment. This is the metric that brand and marketers are trying to obtain in today's competitive landscape. VenueBeacon™ establishes the first step in identifying the new-age mobile consumer. Tie this in with programmatic targeting via MediaMatch™ and you have just created the perfect ecosystem for brand awareness and the feedback loop from a restaurant visit.